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Cuando usted visita nuestro sitio web, se le ofrece diferentes funciones para interactuar con el contenido de nuestro sitio web y proporcionarnos datos personales o publicar datos sobre usted mismo.


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In general, we never share your personal data with third parties. But we use Mailchimp as third party provider to deploy our newsletter mailings and to do so we have to share with Mailchimp your email address. By submitting your email address you express your consent to our newsletter deployment method.

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By submitting the contact us form you agree to receive emails from us regarding your specific request. You also agree, that we may decide to follow up your request within the time period we consider appropriate and reasonable.

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We don’t allow publishing phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses in forums and comment sections. We deploy methods which screen periodically all contributions received and automatically remove contributions not compliant with this policy. Although, we make commercially reasonable efforts to keep our forums and comments sections clean and appropriate, it may be that you find inappropriate information and you would like to ask us to remove such content. If you want to do so you may use our contact us form or send us your request by mail. Please include details where you see the offending content and why you consider it not appropriate in order to help us to remove the information as efficient as possible.

Cookies Policy

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Content Personalization

We store a cookie in your browser containing a unique identifier allowing us to enable or disable certain features or content of our site based on your location and your past use of our web site. We may merge data of your use of our website with other information collected during your visits of our our website through forms like newsletter subscriptions, contact us, forum contributions and comments and your clicks on links in our emails, newsletters and web sites in order to build a profile about your preferences and interest. This profile is not shared with our advertising, social media and analytics partners, although the unique identifier stored in your browser is provided to our analytics partner and we cannot guarantee that our analytics partner may use a different method to build a profile about your use of our web site using this unique identifier. You can opt-in to content personalization by accepting our “Cookies Policy”.

It is important to mention that although content personalization is based on a cookie stored in your browser and therefore different content personalization profiles have been established for each browser you are using, we may be able to join them into a more complete profile.

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We have implemented different resources from Google to improve our website and your experience with our website.

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How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites

Third Party Cookies - Others

In order to provide you a mobile first, responsive experience within our digital properties we use jQuery, Bootstrap and Awesome Fonts. These resources are made available by linking to libraries hosted on third party content distribution networks. Although these third party resources may not store a cookie in your browser, they may have implemented other mechanism to track your visit to our website and store this information within their properties.

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